Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 2nd Time Sports different from other used sporting goods retailers?

What really sets us apart is the high level of standards to which we hold ourselves. You won’t find any dirty baseball cleats or stinky football pads in our store. Every single used item we sell is cleaned, refurbished, sanitized and deodorized. Our stores are pleasant-smelling and organized. On our price tags, we provide the cost of the item new, what it’s going for online and then our price, so the customer can see exactly what kind of a deal they’re getting.

Also, we really love sports. We love playing sports and we love watching sports. We love helping children get started in sports, and helping adults renew their passion, or just become more active and healthier.

What are the minimum financial requirements?

2nd Time Sports’ franchise opportunity presents a relatively modest initial investment of $50,000, or $75,000 if your store will sell firearms.

How do you compete with online shopping?

The nature of sports equipment makes the fit really important. When ordering online, people are taking a guess at the size. If it doesn’t fit quite right, or it’s not exactly what they want, they have to return it. Each of these delivery and return transactions requires a shipping cost. Also, they may need assistance figuring out how to fit the equipment, and our human assistance can help.

Am I required to work in my store?

No, but as an owner-operator you are required to be involved and to have a full-time regular manager to handle store operations. Multi-unit franchisees must have a full-time regular manager on site.

How will I get used items to sell?

We have several ways of helping you bulk up your inventory, so before you open, you will have the appropriate stock of merchandise you need to start selling right away.

How can I learn more?

Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss how you can join our team!