Frequently Asked Questions

What makes 2nd Time Sports different from other used sporting goods retailers?

What really sets us apart is the ability for our customers to buy, trade and RENT; Also our system of sanitizing and refurbishing products to provide higher quality used gear, our “Magic Room” service centers are the best and the ability to own your own store without breaking the bank!. We also sell online!

What are the minimum financial requirements?

2nd Time Sports’ franchise opportunity presents a relatively modest initial investment of $35,000.

How do you compete with online shopping?

We don’t compete. We sell online! There is a definite need for both selling online as well as in the store.

Am I required to work in my store?

You will be required to work in your store until such time as it is stably viable and steadily expanding.

How will I get used items to sell?

We have several ways of helping you bulk up your inventory, so before you open, you will have the appropriate stock of merchandise you need to start selling right away.

How can I learn more?

Fill out our contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you to discuss how you can join our team!