How 2nd Time Sports differs from the opponents

We are the Game-Changer

We’re not a “bag and tag” operation, like some of our competitors. When an item comes into our store, it starts in our “Magic Room,” where it’s fully inspected to ensure it’s safe and effective for use. Then, we clean, ozone and refurbish the item to as close to new quality as possible. Cleats are cleaned, skates are sharpened and gloves are re-laced. This special attention to each item increases our customers’ confidence and knowledge that they are getting a higher quality resale item at an affordable price.

We use our ozonator sanitizing machine to sanitize all equipment, eliminating harmful bacteria and creating a safer playing experience. This process also deodorizes equipment. When a customer buys a helmet or pair of figure skates at 2nd Time Sports, they won’t smell the head or feet of the wearer before them. The deodorization increases the likelihood that the customer will buy the item, and it also creates an overall more pleasant shopping experience!

Every piece of equipment we sell is one we would feel comfortable and confident wearing ourselves.

Sports-O-Zone equipment ozonator

Once items make it to the sales floor, they are carefully organized by sport, type of equipment and size. No heaps of hockey pants to dig through, no bins of clumsy cleats. Everything is orderly, making our stores particularly attractive to women, though everyone loves the ease of finding just what they want.

Each item is tagged with three prices: the new price, the online price and the 2nd Time Sports price. This way, customers can analyze on the spot the deal they’re getting, and know that 2nd Time Sports equipment is their most affordable choice.