Meet the 2nd Time Sports leadership team

From Coach to Entrepreneur

2nd Time Sports is led by Joe Sciandra, a championship-winning football coach and current hockey coach who has more than 30 years of retail and industrial sales experience, and Dr. Jimmy Gatza, an ex-pro tennis player, and health and wellness practitioner who has been a successful business owner and business coach for more than 20 years, and also continues to be a competitive tennis, billiards and golf player.

With experience operating four hockey stores since 1999, we gained insight on what works best in the sports retail market. We conducted more than 18 months of studies researching trends in localized sports equipment purchases. What we found was sales of used gear remained steady even when sales of new gear dipped, and an overwhelming number of parents saying, “I need used gear. My son grows so fast, I don’t want to buy new.”

With this customer in mind, in 2011 we founded 2nd Time Sports to provide a resource for them to buy good quality and bacteria-free refurbished sports gear at a reasonable price in a community-centric environment.

Coach Sciandra started his career as a building and painting contractor, owning and operating his own company for 17 years until the recent real estate market crash and economic recession. He went to work in a hockey pro shop at the rink where he and his son played hockey. There, he saw the demand for used hockey gear, especially among parents.

When a parent is new to hockey and they come in to buy equipment for their son or daughter, they learn that they need 17 pieces of gear just to get started. All that adds up.

He began surveying customers about what kind of used gear they were looking for, and what their options were. What he found was that used sports gear stores were not exactly pleasant places to shop.

People said the same thing over and over—their used stuff is garbage. The cleats are muddy and gross. And the store smells," he said.

A self-described “clean and neat person,” Sciandra said he wanted to offer people in his community a better option in shopping for used gear. He made a commitment to offering customers a pleasant environment filled with sanitized, clean and organized gear of good quality. And he’s using his love of sports to drive his passion for the enterprise.