Have you ever thought about fast tracking your family's financial future?

Coaching goes a long way

We're rooting for you!

Our goal in establishing franchises is to see them prosper and flourish. We truly care about each of our franchisees, and we want them to know we’ve got their backs. That’s what makes us a great team — we know that none of us can do as well alone than we can do all together. With us as your professional trainer and coach, you can reach your potential.

There are no stupid questions.

If you have a question, we want to give you the answer. You’ll have access to our corporate team, who can advise you in any aspect of your 2nd Time Sports franchise business. From negotiating the lease for your space, to deciding the proper floor plan and flow, to getting started with stock, we’ll be around to offer suggestions and answer questions.

Getting started

We are committed to providing our franchisees with the most training and assistance that we possibly can. After you sign your franchise deal, you’ll receive our confidential operations manual to learn about our operations and computer systems.

A few weeks before your store’s opening day, you will visit our Clearwater, Florida, location to receive about one week of classroom training covering operations, including equipment operation; advertising; customer service; and safety. You’ll also become familiarized with the proper procedures for opening and closing, buying and pricing, and inventory control. During your grand opening, we’ll be on-site at your store for 5 to 10 days of training to ensure everything gets up and running smoothly.

Getting stocked

In order to stock your store, you’ll get going with our exclusive list of manufacturer vendors, including Rawlings, Arrow Hockey, Champro, Xenith Football, True Hockey, Transfer Express, Badger, Reidell, Sherwood, Franklin, Vizari Soccer and more. Because you’ll be buying and selling on Craigslist and eBay, we’ll help you get those accounts set up. While you’re getting started and establishing credit, you can use our accounts in the meantime.

Getting customers — and keeping them

We’re not into “hope this works” marketing. You’ll need customers, and we’ll help you connect with them through advertising programs that get results. Email marketing, customer referral programs and local advertising will also help drive business, as will community outreach, including:

  • - Local team sponsorships
  • - Discounts for coaches
  • - Open houses/clinics
  • - On-site league registration hosting
  • - Local pro team days/autograph sessions
  • - “Skill Zones,” including a putting green or golf simulator, batting cage or indoor synthetic hockey rink

Imagine a mom just walked through your store’s door, a tentative and overwhelmed look on her face, her son Jimmy in tow. She just signed up the 7-year-old for hockey—before realizing he needs 17 individual pieces of gear, including a stick, pads, helmet, skates and even special socks. After you greet her, Mom tells you that she went surfing online, but was left dazed trying to figure out what sizes would fit best and by the total price tag.

You walk Mom and Jimmy over to the hockey section, explaining the purpose of each piece of equipment and how it ought to fit. It’s all organized by item type and size, making everything easy to find. As Jimmy tries on a helmet, Mom eyes the price tag on a chest pad, and nods in approval and relief.

When they finally leave the store, Mom has purchased all 17 pieces of equipment, confident she got a good price. She could have continued to struggle online, purchasing and returning pieces, paying for shipping each time. Instead, you helped her find everything quickly, her son tried it all on right in front of her, she learned how it all works and now her son is ready for his first ice time.

Jimmy now has good quality equipment that fits him properly and will keep him safe. Mom found everything in an affordable one-stop shop. You made a sale, knowing that when next season rolls around and Jimmy has grown, they’ll be back to buy bigger equipment. Everyone wins.

This is the atmosphere and attitude we believe in at 2nd Time Sports. We want our franchisees to run their stores with the same helpful spirit and love of sports that drove us to establish our business in the first place. It’s at the heart of everything we do, and we’re proud to share the opportunity with you.