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Join the Strong Sporting Goods Retail Industry

An increased cultural focus on active lifestyles is keeping the multi-billion-dollar sporting goods industry running. The sporting goods store industry has seen steady growth over the last five years, and is projected to continue to climb in years ahead.

  • $47 billion in annual revenue in 2015
  • 2%+ growth in each of the last five years

A post-Recession attitude of thriftiness has made the used sporting goods retail store the optimal destination for people seeking good-quality gear at an affordable price. This results in a perfect market opportunity for 2nd Time Sports franchisees.

  • 59% of sporting goods sales comes from used equipment
  • Used equipment resale offers a higher merchandise markup than the typical 40% at retail stores.


Percentage of sporting goods sales that come from used sporting equipment.


The typical reail store markup. Used equipment resale offers a higher merchandise markup.

While big box stores and online shopping do present competition, we work around them by offering new products as well as used, and offering the ability to order for the customer. And though many private individuals sell used equipment on eBay and Craigslist, we have found that when buying used, a customer feels safer and more secure building from a 2nd Time Sports store, than going to a stranger’s home.

Let's talk revenue

Multi-Faceted Customer Base

As a 2nd Time Sports business owner, your revenue won’t be tied to only one area of the market, and you’re definitely not just appealing to “sports guys.” At least half of our customers are women, and they choose our store because it’s clean and organized and offers a great value.

You have the ability to customize your stock to suit what are the most sought-after items in your area. Opening a store on the Florida coast? Maybe you’ll focus on watersports. Looking to locate in Texas? We bet your football section will be robust. Regardless of where your store is, you’ll offer a comprehensive line of used items appealing to children and adults with a wide range of activity interests

  • – Gear for youth team sports
  • – Fitness equipment like treadmills and weight benches for teens and adults
  • – Pilates and yoga equipment
  • – Bicycles for a low-impact workout for everyone from toddlers to seniors
  • – Golf clubs for youth and adults– Camping gear and water sports vessels and gear for outdoor enthusiasts
  • – Uniforms, custom jerseys and spiritwear

You’ll also have multiple feeder lines for your business, including:

  • – eBay, Craigslist, OfferUp and LetGo accounts to drive foot traffic into the store
  • – Customers pay to use ozonation machine for sanitizing and deodorizing equipment– Service and repairs
  • – Pilates and yoga equipment
  • – Bicycles for a low-impact workout for everyone from toddlers to seniors
  • – Service and repairs
  • – Fitness equipment rental with rent-to-own option